Last Wednesday I helped out with the Towns Harvest Farm CSA distribution.  This happens once a week, and the farm provides its members with a wide assortment of fresh vegetables.  This week we had squash, kohlrabi, snap peas, cilantro, basil, sage, salad greens, bunch onions, beets, and cups of strawberries and raspberries.  There are 41 members of the Towns Harvest CSA, and all range in different age groups, from college students to seniors.  I really thought the CSA went well, everyone was really excited about the food, and no one complained about getting to much “rabbit food”, this was what members would call it when the CSA basket consisted of mainly greens, which is expected in the early season. 

            As far as a critique, I am not really sure what else I would change.  One thing I thought was a great strategy was placing the heavy foods in the front of the line and lighter foods like herbs and berries at the end, this is to avoid food being crushed in a members takeout bag.  I did notice one issue at the CSA, it was the placement of the pick up location, we were in a small storage structure, and we were not facing the drive way to the farm, if people hadn’t already known we were in there, then there was no way for anyone to find us. I think the CSA pickup should be at the west facing stoop of the newly built building.

            It was important for people to know how to cook the food, and most people did.  But kohlrabi was new to a lot of people, so we were sure to explained recipes to the members as they walked trough the line. 


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