Farmers Market Report

              I attended the Bogert Farmers Market on Tuesday and observed different marketing strategies used buy vendors.  Mainly I wanted to study the farmers selling produce, I am not really interested in the other vendors who sell candles and jewelry. I did notice many similarities throughout all the farmers; display was the most important part. Having a big sign also attracted many customers, but standing up behind the tables and being very social with everyone who stopped by was very important.  Displaying all the vegetables colors as much as possible was very important, things like showing the stems of chard and kale sold more than if they were just bagged up. 

            3 hearts farm was the only stand with zucchini and they killed it, they sold out in the first hour.  Planning ahead of the season and starting things early will be beneficial when the farmer’s markets start, if you’re the only one with a new crop, people will flock to you.  But demand for one product can change drastically as the season continues, for instance, 3 hearts sold out of beets the first week in the first hour, then the second week they brought extra beets to the market and only sold 3 bunches.  Location at the market is critical as well, if your at the end of the line, in most cases everyone has bought all the food they need, especially if your growing the same thing as everyone else.

            Some tips for a successful market are selling a variety of produce, and try to be different than everyone else.  Location at the market is very important.  Being social and standing up while people are walking by.  Display your food so it looks colorful and appetizing, have coolers in the back to keep things fresh such as greens that will wilt if its to hot out.  And if you grow organically or sustainable, show it off, people will support you more. 


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