LAST BLOG… for class

I grew up in a household with many different biases and values.  My father grew up in a tough side of town, my mother grew up in a nice part of town, both in Massachusetts. This gave me perspectives on both sides of the spectrum of social, and behavioral values.  I feel like I grew up lucky, my family has never had to worry about putting food on the table, money for school and other benefits.  But I feel like I don’t take things for granted as well.  I really appreciate the things I have, and I also feel like I make strong investments, and I don’t waste my money on things I don’t need.  I also grew up with a lot of animals, all the time. My mother also gardened every year, and made her own jams, sauces, and salsa.  Food was always an important part of my life. These mixed multicultural values and biases paved the way to my future, and what I am studding in school.  I’m very interested with the food system, and growing food.  I’ve seen how food can tighten relationships, and bring people together.

            Growing up in the sticks in New Hampshire, it pretty much pushed me away to find new places, and meet new people.  Having family and friends in Massachusetts made it possible for me to visit the city of Boston all the time.  So this mix of multicultural areas really opened my eyes.  Eventually I would like to have a farm and be able to sell my food to a big city, and neighboring towns.  I want to educate people on the benefits of eating local food.  Food is something that should never be taken for granted, and I feel a lot of people do. 


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