Chapter 14 bogW…

Chapter 14 bog

World Hunger vs. USA Hunger


How does world food security differ from United States food security?


            The difference between world food security is huge compared to food security in the United States.  There is not nearly as many starving people in America compared to the rest of the world.  There are 963 million people on this earth that are not getting enough to eat.  That’s more than the US, Canada, and European Unions combined.  An as food prices increase, this number will only follow. One other crazy stat is every day 25,000 children and adults will die from hunger related issues.

            Having large populations with malnutrition leads to other very concerning issues.  For instance, iodine deficiencies have caused mental retardation worldwide, around 780 million people. 2 billion people are estimated to have anemia, which is caused by iron deficiency.  Anemia causes decreased cognitive ability, reduces a persona ability to resist diseases, and impairs mental judgment, and can cause death to young pregnant women. When countries are not only dealing with food accessibility issues but sever health related issues, its very hard to be a successful developing country.  People are not focusing on school, or work, rather they are preoccupied with survival. 

            It is scary to this as the world population grows; more people are threatened with food insecurity. I know that NASA has been working on a seaweed cultivar that can grow on land.  This special plant can be grown in deserts, with little to no fertilizer, and the kicker… it can be irrigated with salt water.  So huge plots of deserts in Africa can soon be farmed for this seaweed.  This is just one plan going into effect to help with food shortages.  Yes, food insecurity in America is a big problem, but worldwide, it’s a disaster.  As the population increases, new sustainable farming techniques and policies need to be followed.  An example would be to give starving counties the education, technology, and tools to grow their own food. 


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