Best Manager Ever



I have been working at the Bozeman Tarantino’s for 3 ½ years now.  Since I’ve been there, I have seen many managers come and go.  One truly stands out to me, and to this day she was the best manager I’ve ever had.  Her name was Jo, and she was managing the restaurant when I was first hired.  She knew the restaurant like the back of her hand, and was one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met.  Not only did she have a wonderful relationship with everyone that worked there, she was also very tight with the owner, Paul Tarantino.

There are four steps to becoming a respectable manager.  It starts with planning, Jo was always on top of things, for instance, when we would have a 20 pizza order due the next day, she would be prepping for the order a day early, and was the first one at the restaurant pressing pizza skins in the morning.  She was also in charge of ordering the pizza ingredients every week, which took plenty of experience because pizza was sold differently every day.  This also took organization skills.  Sundays through Wednesdays were normal 10:00 am to 10:00pm days.  Thursdays through Saturdays we stayed open till 3:00 am for the late night crowd.  The late night shifts were the busiest shifts by far, so Jo always made sure that the dinner shifts would prep for late night properly.  Everything was organized so that the late night cook was fully prepared.  Because Jo was such a great manager, everyone seemed to want to follow her footsteps.  She led everyone to be the best worker, but did it in a fun laid-back way.  For instance, if someone was working exceptionally well, she would take them out for drinks after their shift, or buy them dinner.  Finally, she controlled all of us respectfully. She knew that most of us were students with lots of other important things going on, and she was very fair when it came to scheduling.  But she would get on your ass if you were slacking at work.  Jo was the best manager I have ever dealt with, and I’ve worked many different jobs.  I’m happy I have met her, and hope to one day be able to manage a business like her.


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